Final judging of Intl. Festival of Ritual Poetry begins

Monday, 27 September 2021

The final judging of the International Festival of Ritual Poetry has begun. At this course, 77 works will be examined and evaluated in by masters of ritual poetry.

The final judging of the International Festival of Ritual Poetry has begun to select the “Poem of the year”. At the end of the middle judging stage, 77 out of 464 poems have reached the final phase.

In the final stage, the first to tenth winners of the 77 selected works will be determined, and the results of the judging will be announced soon at the closing ceremony of the festival.

The judges of this course are as follows:

1. Master Ali Insani, Iran

2. Master Hadi Saeedi Kiasari, Iran

3. Mohammad Reza Sangari, Iran

4. Mohammad Kazem Kazemi, Afghanistan

5. Mohammad Ali Mojahedi, Iran

6. Sayed Reza Mohammadi, Afghanistan

7. Ali Moallem Damghani, Iran

8. Ali Mousavi Garmaroodi, Iran

9. Sayed Hossein Mahdavi M. Moayed, Iran

It should be mentioned that the opening ceremony of this festival, in cooperation with the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly, began its activities under the title “Grand Prize of Poetry of the Year”. Then, it was decided to continue this festival in a professional way. Therefore, the International Foundation for Ritual Poetry, was established, and also a board of trustees was formed. Accordingly, the title of the festival was changed to “International Festival of Ritual Poetry”.

So far, 2,000 Persian poems by Persian-speaking poets from more than 18 countries, including Australia, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, etc., and in the English Poetry section, 600 works by English-speaking poets from 15 Country have been submitted to the secretariat of the festival.


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