The 6th Arbaeen international seminar to be held: Al-Quraishi

The director of the Center for Studies and Research of Karbala stated, “The 6th international Seminar of Arbaeen will be held with the presence of the presidents of Iraqi universities.”

The director of the Center for Studies and Research of Karbala, affiliated to the office of the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain (a.s.), stated, “Because the Arbaeen International Seminar is an academic Seminar, academic figures including presidents of Iraqi universities participate in it.”


Referring to the activities of this center, he said, “Considering the features of the Arbaeen pilgrimage, its high status and its importance among Muslims, the Karbala center will study the intellectual and cultural aspect of the Arbaeen pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is an extension of the thoughts and concepts of the Ashura uprising of Imam Hussain (a.s.).”

“This year, Karbala Center will hold the 6th Arbaeen International Seminar. So far, 134 articles from different countries of the world have been submitted to the scientific committee of the Seminar. Most of these studies were done by Iraqi researchers. 91 articles were approved in the scientific committee, 24 of which were from foreign countries and the rest from Iraqi universities,” continued Mr. Abd al-Amir Aziz al-Quraishi.

“The Arbaeen international seminar will be held under the management of the religious custodian of Imam Hussain (a.s.). This seminar studies the most important challenges of Islamic society, especially the attempt of Western civilization to attack Islamic civilization through cultural invasion and soft war,” he said in an interview with the anchor of ABNA News Agency.

“Today, the society following the Arbaeen culture has become a society that confronts all destructive western plots. This society has neutralized the western conspiracies against Islamic civilization, family institution and moral values. Therefore, this year we saw the confusion of the westerners in their media outlets. By focusing on the ethnic issues, they madly spread hatred between Muslim nations. But all these plots failed. If Mecca is the Qibla of Prayer, Karbala is the Qibla of bravery and in it all Western conspiracies to attack Muslims fail,” said the Director of the Center for Studies and Research of Karbala, mentioning the characteristics of a society that follows Arbaeen culture.

“Karbala has become a city beyond continents, groups, ethnicities and religions. You see that in addition to Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Yazidis and followers of other groups, Islamic schools and religions participate in the Arbaeen pilgrimage. Because this movement has an important cultural value in terms of ethics, progress and civilization. That is why it is attacked by Westerners. However, their attacks fail,” he continued.

“An academic council of 14 universities from Iraq operates in the Karbala Center for Studies and Research. These universities participate in holding the 6th Arbaeen International Seminar. Also, professors of the higher levels of seminary studies of Najaf, such as Hojat al-Islam Eshkevari, Hojat al-Islam Sayed Hossein Hakim, and Hojat al-Islam Sayed Rashid Hosseini, participate in the seminar. Because the 6th international Seminar of Arbaeen is an academic seminar, it will be attended by the academic figures including the presidents of Iraqi universities,” Al-Quraishi added.

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