Palestinian women became part of Resistance: Fatemeh Batool Soyuz

The Turkish lady said, “Palestinian women are contributing to the armed Resistance against the Zionists, and they themselves have become part of the Resistance.”

Palestinian women became part of Resistance: Fatemeh Batool Soyuz

The International Conference “Women and Holy Quds” was held on the Tuesday evening, May 16, 2022, on the eve of World Quds Day, in the conference hall of the Palestine Intifada Conference.

Referring to the role of Palestinian women in the Resistance process, Turkish Lady Fatemeh Batool Soyuz said at the conference, “Palestinian women monitored Israeli soldiers during the Nakba (Palestinian Catastrophe, which comprised the destruction of Palestinian society and homeland in 1948, and the permanent displacement of a majority of the Palestinian people) and provided information to Palestinian soldiers. These women bought weapons and handed them over to the Mojahedin. Palestinian women helped the armed resistance against the Zionists and became part of the Resistance themselves.”

“The establishment of the PLO in 1964 marked a turning point for the Palestinian women’s resistance movement. Women joined the movement and received military training, and the Palestinian Women’s Summit was initiated at that time,” she continued.

“Palestinian women’s organizations played a very active role in organizing strikes against the Zionists and boycotting Israeli goods. Palestinian women, such as Leila Khalid and the Dalal Mughrabi, were involved in the Palestinian armed actions against the Zionists in the 1970s,” the Turkish lady added.

“Palestinian women participated in activities such as providing subsistence and medical activities. They also played an important role in education, and organized demonstrations and visiting the families of prisoners. There were a limited number of Palestinian women who received military training. However, some of these women carried out martyrdom operations,” Fatemeh Batool Soyuz noted.

It worth mentioning that the International Conference “Women and the Holy Quds” is being held with the participation of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly and other similar institutions. Guests from Iran other countries attended the conference.

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