Yemen, moral qibla of Muslims: Bahraini journalist

Describing Yemen as the moral qibla of the world’s Muslims, Sondos al-Assad said, “Yemenis are inspired by the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran and will never sever ties with Iran.”

Yemen, moral qibla of Muslims: Bahraini journalist

Coinciding with the intensification of the aggression of the Arab-Western-Hebrew coalition in attacking the oppressed people of Yemen, the International Conference “Investigating the Dimensions of the Aggression against Yemen” was held on Saturday, February 5, 2022, by the Arbaeen International Foundation in cooperation with the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly and coordinated institutions.

Speaking at the conference, referring to the long-standing enmity of the Saudi rulers with the Yemeni people, Bahraini journalist Sondos al-Assad said, “From 2005, these hostilities took on a new form and gradually became military. But they never imagined that they would face the political and social resistance of the Yemeni people in the face of the hostilities, which had the support of the arrogance.

“Yemen, its movement, and its parties are all forces arising from Islamic and humanitarian ideals that became allied links against Saudi Arabia,” the Bahraini journalist said, while praising the jihadi and dynamic resistance of the Yemeni people against the brutal and inhuman acts of Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia is the only country that legitimizes a leader who has no respect for its own people. The stability of the region is endangered by the strategic measures of some countries,” she continued.

“The Saudis do not realize that they will never achieve their goals, and the evil acts committed against the religious identity of the Yemeni people are not acceptable to any Yemeni. We should all keep in mind that the Saudi regime is inspired by takfiri ideologies. All Western governments know that the Yemenis never accept these ideologies and aggression,” Sondos al-Assad said, referring to the intention of the Zionist regime in the social and political control of Yemen.

“Today, Yemen is the moral qibla of Muslims,” the Bahraini journalist stated, “The current leaders of Yemen are approved by the Yemenis, and this leadership will remain in power in the future, and Saudi Arabia will not be able to overthrow them.”

“The resistance of the Yemeni people is inspired by the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran,” she emphasized, “The events in Iran were the resistance of social justice against imperialism and Zionism. Iran has innovated a new religious system that shares the ideology and justice with oppressed countries that are resistant to aggressors.”

“Western countries must know that the oppressed countries will maintain their alliance with Iran and will stand against their enemies and their hostilities. This unity and resistance represent a power and strength based on Islamic teachings. The axis of resistance knows that God’s all-round support will be with them,” added Sondos Al-Assad.

“Saudi Arabia will become more and more isolated, and there will be hatred between the axis of resistance and Saudi Arabia to resist more against these violations. This view will become more prominent. If there is no resistance, the wrongdoing countries will put more pressure on the oppressed,” the Bahraini journalist assured.

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