AhlulBayt (a.s.) Intl. Univ. New Student Convocation

Monday, 06 March 2023

New Student Convocation of the new students of AhlulBayt (a.s.) International University was held in Bagh Moslem Camp, Tehran.

ABWA Official Website – New Student Convocation of the new students of AhlulBayt (a.s.) International University, attended by deputies and students of the university was held in Bagh Moslem Camp, Tehran.


At the beginning of this ceremony, Dr. Mahdi Salehi, Deputy of the Communications, and International Affairs of the university, while welcoming the new students of AhlulBayt (a.s.) University stated, “The internationality of the university is of great importance. This issue is mentioned in verse 13 of Surah Al-Hujurat. Working in the university's Department of International Affairs is facing many difficulties, and we are all aware of this.”

“Obtaining visas, student approval, and other problems that international students face are among the issues discussed in this department. However, we are trying to overcome these problems,” he added.

“The Department of International Affairs consists of three sections: Admission Office, International Scientific Cooperation Office, and Public Relations Officer, each of these offices are ready to cooperate to answer your needs and answer the questions of all students,” said the Deputy for Communications and International Affairs of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) International University.

“Student admission at AhlulBayt (a.s.) International University is done twice a year in September and February. Currently, students from 24 countries are studying at this university. This has caused a very good cultural atmosphere to be created among students of different nationalities and they can get to know different cultures of the world,” he stated.

“Dear students, you should use this opportunity in the best way and return to your countries with many experiences,” Salehi said at the end of his speech.

Further in this ceremony, while congratulating the Eids of the month of Sha’ban, and welcoming the new students, Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Mutallebi, the Deputy for the Cultural and Student Affairs of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) International University stated, “We are all gathered in this holy place in the name of AhlulBayt (a.s.), and we are proud to be in the AhlulBayt (a.s.) school.

“Dear students, you are studying at a university that is adorned with the holy name of AhlulBayt (a.s.). This multiplies our duty. The Infallible and Immaculate AhlulBayt (a.s.) had characteristics that we, as their followers, should consider,” he said.

“The person who grows up in this school is a person of piety. In this school, we should develop our servitude to God. So that when others see our behavior and actions, they will understand that we are Jafari Shiite. This is the honor of all of us,” added the Deputy for the Cultural and Student Affairs of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) International University.

“After the subject of the elevation of the spiritual aspect, the most important pillar in the AhlulBayt (a.s.) school is ethics, which must be observed by Muslims. You, dear students, must respect each other’s rights in the dormitory, classroom, and in public space. In our religion, there is a lot of emphasis on the issue of respecting the rights of others,” Mutallebi continued.

“As a part of the university, we also help you to get to know the AhlulBayt (a.s.) school and the culture and civilization of Islamic Iran through holding courses and visiting different centers, as well as holding various camps,” he stated in the end.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Hassan Majidi, the Deputy for Educational Affairs and Postgraduate Education, and Mr. Abulfazl Gudarzi, Security Director of AhlulBayt (a.s.) International University also gave speeches at this ceremony.

At the end of this ceremony, the new students visited Bagh Moslem Camp in Tehran. /345/

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