فهرست کتاب

Days of separation 0
Ashura is among the days of Separation 0
Shock and hesitation 0
Willingness to meet Husayn (pbuh) 0
Response and acceptance 0
1- “You have drawn the sword with which we armed you, against us.” 0
1- Freeing the people's will 0
The reason the letter was written 0
How can a person be among the people of the hereafter while living in this world? 0
Expelling the world from the mind and replacing it with the hereafter 0
How do we deal with death? 0
Fear of death 0
Causes 87
Realignment on the opposing side and a turnabout 0
Three states in man’s life 0
The second state 0
The effects of fear of death on society 0
First Aspect: Salutation 0
The Third Day of Separation 0
An inherited theatre 0
Peace and War 0
Loyalty comes under the concept of Monotheism 0
Avenging the Death of Husayn (pbuh) 0
The Company of the truthful 0
Unlimited Reward from God 0
3- Need for aversion to the world and desire to meet God 0
4- This victory will not be repeated in history 0
Conflict of Loyalty 0
Monotheism and polytheism in Loyalty 0
The theatre of conflict entails a stand and rejects onlookers 0
True Guardianship is only by God's permission, within the domain of His Guardianship and by His appointment 0


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



Dünya Ehlibeyt (a.s) Kurultayı

Uluslararası sivil toplum kuruluşu olan Dünya Ehlibeyt (a.s) Kurultayı, İslam dünyasının seçkin insanları tarafından kurulmuştur.

Dünya Müslümanlarının genelinin bakış açısına göre; Ehlibeyt (a.s), İslami öğretilerde Kuran’ın yanında kutsal bir yere sahip olduğu için Ehlibeyt (a.s) eksenli faaliyetler yürütülmektedir.

Dünya Ehlibeyt (a.s) Kurultayı’nın tüzüğü, 8 bölümden ve 33 maddeden oluşmaktadır.


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