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His Birth and Early Life 0
In the Holy City of Najaf‎ 0
His Debates in Defence of the Truth 0
His Works 0
On the Fundamentals of Religion (Usul al–Din)‎ 0
On the Science of the Biography of Narrators‎ 0
On Debating‎ 0
On Arabic Grammar‎ 0
On History‎ 0
His Natural Disposition and Traits 0
His Death, Funeral and Commemorations 0
The Unique Personality of Imam Sayyid Hasan al–Sadr‎ 0
His Name and Lineage‎ 0
His Personal Qualities‎ 0
Section One: The First Writers about Qur’anic Exegesis‎ 0
Section five: The Shi’ah Pioneers in Writing about the Different Meanings of the Qur’an‎ 0
Section One: The First Compilers and Arrangers of Hadīth 0
Section Six: Works Compiled by the Imamiyah Shi’ah on Hadith‎ 0
Section One: The First to Compile and Systematize Islamic Jurisprudence‎ 0
Section One: The First to Write about Theology 0
Section Two: The First Followers of the Imams to Debate about Shi’ism‎ 0
Section One: The First to Write about This Discipline 0
Section Two: The First to Write about All the Categories of Islamic History 0
Section One: The Correct View as to the Pioneer of Arabic Lexicology‎ 0
Section Four: The Pioneering Position of the Shi’ah as Scribes of the Islamic State‎ 0
Section One: The Pioneers in Semantics, Rhetoric and Eloquence‎ 0
Section One: The Pioneer in This Field of Arabic Literature‎ 0
Section One: The First to Introduce This Discipline for the Arabs‎ 0
Section Two: The First Scholar to Write about Arabic Morphology‎ 0
Section One: The Pioneer of This Discipline‎ 0
Section Two: The First to Systematize Grammar Studies‎ 0
Section Five: The Pioneers in Basra and Kufa on Nahw‎ 0


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



مجمع جهانی اهل‌بیت (ع)

مجمع جهانی اهل‎بیت(علیهم‎السلام)، به عنوان یک تشکل جهانی و غیردولتی، از طرف گروهی از نخبگان جهان اسلام تشکیل شده است. اهل‎بیت(علیهم‎السلام) به این دلیل بعنوان محور فعالیت انتخاب شده‎اند که در معارف اسلامی در کنار قرآن، محوری مقدس را که مورد پذیرش عامه مسلمین باشد، تشکیل می‎دهند.
مجمع جهانی اهل‎بیت(علیهم‎السلام) دارای اساسنامه‎ای مشتمل بر هشت فصل و سی و سه ماده است.

  • ایران - تهران - بلوارکشاورز - نبش خیابان قدس - پلاک 246
  • 88950827 (0098-21)
  • 88950882 (0098-21)

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