3rd demise anniversary of Ayatollah Asef Mohseni held in Qom

The ceremony of the third demise anniversary of Ayatollah Asef Mohseni, the late member of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly was held in Qom.

On Friday, July 29, 2022, the ceremony of the third demise anniversary of Ayatollah Asef Mohseni, the late member of the Supreme Council of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly, the founder and late president of the Shiite Ulama Council, the founder of the Council for Islamic Brotherhood of Afghanistan, was held in Takyeh Shah Khorasan, Qom, by popular headquarters of the anniversary, and Grand Ayatollah Mohseni Cultural and Social Foundation, with the presence of Hamidullah Mohseni, the son of the deceased scholar and Afghan immigrants living in Qom.

At the beginning of this meeting, while offering condolences for Muharram and the third anniversary of this late scholar and referring to the personality traits and virtues of Ayatollah Asef Mohseni, Dr. Qodratullah Heydari, as the speaker of the ceremony stated, “Ayatollah Mohseni had very lofty and profound thoughts. Ayatollah Mohseni did valuable work on the issue of Islamic approximation and unity and believed in it as a religious belief. By studying his works, we understand that the approximation and unity between Shia and Sunni was so important in the thought of this pious scholar that it made him establish the Council for Islamic Brotherhood.”


Referring to Ayatollah Asef Mohseni’s measures in recognizing civil registration in the Afghanistan’s constitution, Heydari said, “He was concerned about the Afghanistan’s society.”

Recalling a meeting he had with Ayatollah Asef Mohseni, Heydari noted, “In that meeting, he spoke about the Shiite denomination as an official religion in the country. Then, he made this theory realized.”

“For the education of the Muslims of the world and the establishment of a transnational thought, he founded a seminary, and by authoring and publishing scientific books, he provided great services to the Muslims society of Afghanistan,” he stated.

Then in the ceremony, Hamidullah Mohseni, the son of this mujahid scholar, expressed, “The sympathy of the society for the loss of Ayatollah Asef Mohseni shows the influence of his benevolent thought for the society of Afghanistan.”

“Ayatollah Asef Mohseni took many actions, including the establishment of Hussainiya, seminary, and publishing scientific books. Also, he was always diligent in his personal life. Many times, even in the hospital and in the hours close to surgery, he was engaged in scientific research. He was open to criticism and insisted that his family members should perform Night Prayer at least twice a week,” he added.

Pointing out Ayatollah Mohseni’s sensitivity on holding the clergy’s classes, Hamidullah Mohseni’s expressed, “In this regard, even at the death his eldest son, he did not agree with the closure of seminary classes and held them.”

Then, Hojat al-Islam Razavi, the representative of the office of the late Grand Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani, said, “Ayatollah Asef Mohseni was a teacher of ethics, a great jurist and compassionate towards the society and Muslims. In Islam, the scholar has a special and very high position.”

“Meeting with jurists and being in their presence is considered as the highest form of worship. Throughout history, jurists have been strong fortresses of Islam. Among them we can mention Allameh Hali and Allameh Majlisi. In Afghanistan, Ulama and figures provided many services. Like the late Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Sarwar Waez, who became an honor for the Shia with the publication of his book. Another Alem who made the Islamic society proud, and is greatly missed today, was Ayatollah Asef Mohseni.” he added.

“Ayatollah Asef Mohseni was born in a religious family. He learned the basics of seminary in Afghanistan as a child, and then went to Najaf, Iraq and benefited from the classes of great teachers such as Grand Ayatollah Hakim, Grand Ayatollah Khoei and others. Then he returned to Afghanistan to disseminate fiqh, and by establishing a seminary, he trained outstanding students,” Razavi added.

“The late scholar was aware of the world’s issues and a compassionate person who adopted a cautious position after the issue of Jihad in Afghanistan. Today, there are people who claimed to be the leaders of the Afghan society, while they were not faqih and did not deserve to lead the Islamic society. But this honorable man, because he was a defender of the school of AhlulBayt (a.s.), recognized the Shiite Denomination, and registered it in the Constitution of Afghanistan and the country’s civil registry,” said the representative of the late Grand Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani.

“Ayatollah Asef Mohseni revived Shia and Islam in Afghanistan. He authored 140 books. In London, he wrote a book in rejection of the Wahhabism while no source was available for him. Unfortunately, our nation has not recognized the great personality of this faqih,” he added.

It worth mentioning that the ceremony was attended by representatives of the offices of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, Ayatollah Noori Hamdani, and Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani participated, as well as deputy head of the General Directorate of Foreign Nationals and Immigrants Affairs of Qom Province, officials and representatives of Tebyan Social Cultural Center offices in Tehran and Qom, and seminary and university professors.

The late Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Asef Mohseni Kandahari, one of the great Shia scholars of Afghanistan and a member of the Supreme Council of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly, who also headed the Islamic Brotherhood Council of Afghanistan, passed away on August 5, 2019, at the age of 85 in Kabul. 

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