AhlulBayt World Assembly congratulated birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadegh

Wednesday, 04 November 2020

AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly congratulated the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Sadegh (a.s.) to all people around the world, especially Muslims.

AhlulBayt World Assembly congratulated birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadegh

In a message, the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly congratulated the birthday of the Prophet of Mercy, Rationality and Love, as well as Imam Ja'far Sadegh, to the people of the world, especially Muslims and Shiites and people associated with the Assembly all over the world.

The text of this message is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

"We did not send you but as a mercy to all the nations." (Holy Quran 21:107)

The kindness breeze blew with Muhmmadan Rabi and birth anniversary of the prophet of mercy and awareness. The chosen flower of the creation and the greatest creature of God, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), was born and with his blessed steps on earth he brought mercy, kindness and rationality for people.

With full joy and happiness, the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly congratulate the birthday of the Prophet of Mercy, Rationality and Love, as well as Imam Ja'far Sadegh, to the people of the world, especially Muslims and Shiites and people associated with the Assembly all over the world. On this great Islamic eve, the Assembly emphasized on some points to achieve greater convergence of the whole world.

About six hundred years after the great prophet, Jesus Christ (pbuh), in a time when Jewish and Christian (so-called) religious figures, who preferred the life of this world to the Hereafter, were using the word of God to achieve their goals in their worldly life, and at the time just when some people distort God's Revelations to Moses and Jesus, when man, cast away from divine God's Revelations, confused in the darkness of the world of ignorance, was spending the dark time, the waiting heart of man, out of spiritual thirst, was again waiting for a pleasing revelation and dawn. At the time, it was the time for the last Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) and his book, literally the last divine book, Holy Quran, to guide mankind and humiliate ignorant claimants, the arrogant oppressors and exploitative worldly people, and pave the way for man to get out the darkness as Quran says: "Allah is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light" (2:257)

With pride and honor and with love and loyalty, the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly honors the high position of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as the only messenger of Tawhid and the center of the AhlulBayt (a.s.), and Based on the important Hadith "al-Thaqalayn", the Assembly always considers the Quran and AhlulBayt (a.s.) as two important weights and relics of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in all its policies, strategies and programs for promotion and progress of the position of the followers of his AhlulBayt (a.s.). It must be admitted that not only humanity, but even we Muslims and the followers of the path of the Prophet (pbuh) have not yet achieved the foresight of his rich words and the depth of his life and style, as the only valuable divine treasure to guide man. Therefore, we must apologize to him. Together with Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we invite everyone, especially the youth of the world, to refer directly to the Holy Qur'an, the only written and accepted source of Islam, for they, themselves, judge about the issue. Then they will learn that the sanctities of religions and their prophets not only do not deserve to be insulted, but the most basic human duty is to be careful in hearing, thinking and then judging fairly. As the holy Quran said: "Who listen to the word and follow the best of it" (39:18).

The Holy Quran is the last word of God, the miracle of the last prophet (pbuh), the clear light to guide man, the luminous light to guide mankind, the healing and mercy for the believers; a divine book that has not forgotten anything to guide mankind; a book full of beliefs, ethics, social, political and religious guidance, which if chosen as a guide to the path, no one will be misled. Alas, "Then the Messenger will say: 'O my Lord! Truly my people took this Quran for just foolish nonsense'" (Holy Quran: 25:30). Most friends and believers have confined this great treasure to the shelves and libraries, or at best have simply read it. The enemies, on the other hand, while holding their ears with hatred, called it poetry and magic out of ignorance, resentment, jealousy, enmity and disease, and today, in the age of modern ignorance, they have reached the peak of scandal and show their resentment by setting fire to this lighthouse, unaware that as God said in Holy Quran: " They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light though the faithless should be averse" (16:08).

The AhlulBayt (a.s.), like the Quran, are valuable but oppressed relic of the Prophet. They are valuable because they are the caliphs of God on earth, and they know the path, and they are oppressed because during the 250 years of leadership, the response of the ignorant and fierce enemies of their time has been nothing but enmity and finally imprisonment, poisoning and martyrdom, and a great tragedy was recorded in history called Ashura and the martyrdom of the best creation of God, Imam Hussein (a.s.).

Morality and religions are inseparable. If we believe that with the revelation of the divine prophets and their introduction of monotheistic religions, especially Islam and its holy prophet (pbuh) as the good exemplar (as Quran said 21:33), human intellect flourished and moral virtues such as tolerance, kindness and compassion were completed, and if we accept that ethics has important rules, and according to thinkers and writers, these rules have been mentioned many times in the holy Quran, then we will accept that the behavior, words and deeds of the Prophet (pbuh) and his Family have always been a perfect model and have always been needed by the people of the world of every culture and civilization. Because they contain the same complete principles and moral rules that govern the world of reason. As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Indeed, I was sent to complete the virtues of morality."

Congratulating the anniversary of the Prophet and Imam Sadegh, as the time of unity of Muslims and the celebration of brotherhood and unity among Islamic Ummah, the AhlulBayt (pbuh) World Assembly, emphasizes that the blessing of his heavenly existence and his AhlulBayt is not only the axis of unity and solidarity among Muslims, but also it is the foundation of the unity of all humanity to achieve the highest divine and humanly goals, namely the realization of lasting security, peace and justice.

Respected Islam, is the religion of peace, friendship, kindness, mercy, service, cooperation and human rights. All the divine teachings, all the verses of the Qur'an and all the sayings of the Prophet (pbuh) and his AhlulBayt (a.s.) emphasize peace and tranquility among humans. Brotherhood between believers, brotherhood and equality of human beings, good fellowship, the rights of parents, friends, brothers, neighbors, teachers and the like, the pillars of social ethics of the respected religion of Islam, are all relics of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). 

In the age of modern ignorance, an age in which human beings have not yet fully understood the truth of personality, rationality and the hidden angles of the life of the great prophet of Islam as perfect human intellect, savior model for human societies, and even some are not willing to know him ("As mercy to all the nations", holy Quran 21:107) through the original historical books and even refer to the Holy Quran as the only source of revelation of Islam, it is natural and, of course, far from fair to believe any rumors about the violence of Islam and the Prophet (pbuh) from the propaganda of the Western media, with their notorious conduct in manipulating the information. Indeed, a deep understanding of Islam, the Prophet, the endurance and historical struggles of Muslims in the fight against oppression and the liberation of the human mind and soul for awareness and guidance to Tawhid, also requires justice and wisdom, an issue that more than 300 verses of the Quran are about. In addition, in all human cultures and civilizations, as well as in the text of all moral charters, insulting the sanctities is an indecent act and a heinous cultural taboo.

According to the Quranic basis of "the rule of the righteous as the heirs of the earth" (28:5), we believe that the revelation of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is giving the identity and paving and completing the continuous path of Vilayat and Imamat (leadership) that, with a civilized approach, leads human society to the advent of the shining sun, that is promised Imam Mahdi (a.s.). With a forward-looking and strategic view, therefore, the path of overcoming right over wrong, led by the tyrants of the time, must always be maintained and completed (Holy Quran: 16:37). Also, in the construction of a civilization according to the need of humanity for progress, the role of the perfect human being and religious leadership to achieve the blessings of revelation of the Prophet (pbuh) in the age of advent (of Imam Mahdi), as the main identity of Islamic society should always be emphasized. According to this view, neglecting the role of the Islamic Revolution and Velayat-e-Faqih in showing and flourishing the capacities of public diplomacy, the soft power and civilization of Islam as a continuation of the path of prophetic revelation is a strategic mistake.

In the end, it should be said that our current duty as Muslims is to maintain and continuously improve the fight against oppression and the arrogance, as "religious identity and collective spirit of Islam" and "the fruit of universal and permanent slogans of the Islamic Revolution", both theoretically and practically, by using the Muhammadan teachings, and it is our duty to limit and curtail the exercise of power, interference, influence, occupation and domination of the Arrogance (the US), global Zionism and their evil mercenaries over the interests, rights and material and spiritual property of the oppressed nations in the Islamic world. As God stated in the Holy Quran, "…and Allah will never provide the faithless any way [to prevail] over the faithful", (4:141).

AhlhulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly

November 3, 2020

Ahl Al-Bayt World Assembly

The Ahl al-Bayt World Assembly  is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) that was established by a group of Shiite elites under the supervision of the great Islamic authority of the Shiites in 1990 to identify, organize, educate and support the followers of Ahl al-Bayt.

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