Caravan of India Mowkeb sponsored by people/ Most of our guests are Iranians: Rizvi

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

The Mowkeb of Caravan of India is located in pillar 327 on the walking path of pilgrims of Imam Hussain’s (a.s.) Arbaeen.

The Mowkeb of Caravan of India is located in pillar 327 on the walking path of pilgrims of Imam Hussain’s (a.s.) Arbaeen.

In an interview with the ABNA reporter, Mazhar Ali Rizvi, one of the officials of this Mowkeb, who is from India and is studying in Islamic seminary of Qom, on the activities of Caravan of India Mowkeb stated, “I have been serving pilgrims in this Mowkeb for eight years. At the beginning, the area of the Mowkeb was small, but in the following year, the surrounding area were purchased, and the campus were expanded.”


“The area of Caravan of India Mowkeb is vast, so that now 1500 people can stay in the main hall, and more than 500 people can stay in the mosque. After the morning prayer until 11 AM, we offer various hot and cold Iranian and non-Iranian breakfasts, along with Iranian and Indian tea, to the pilgrims. After 11 AM, we give lunch to the pilgrims, which lasts until 5 PM. We also distribute fruit to the pilgrims as snacks,” he added.

“In this Mowkeb, several male and female doctors serve the pilgrims. We have also prepared a room for massaging pilgrims. In the mosque of Mowkeb and during prayer times, congregational prayers are performed several times. Also, between the Zuhr and Asr, and Maghrib and Isha prayers, the clerics explain related religious issues for the pilgrims,” Rizvi stated.

“Most of the people who come to our Mowkeb are Iranian, and maybe only ten percent are non-Iranian. In this Mowkeb, daily speeches and mourning are held in Urdu. We invite prominent and international speakers and eulogists to hold programs in the Mowkeb. We hold mourning ceremonies in the afternoons and evenings. Also, more than 15 cooks have come from India to prepare food. There is bath in the Mowkeb, and it is active 24 hours a day with fresh water. Everything is planned for the bathroom and toilet,” he added.

“Caravan of India Mowkeb is sponsored by people. No institution, nor any government help us. Some people offer the Mowkeb with money as Nazr and we accept. But most of the expenses of this procession are provided by the Shiites of India,” this servant of the pilgrims of Imam Hussain (a.s.) added.

“In the Mowkeb, there are air conditioners for pilgrims. Also, water is piped directly from the Euphrates River. We also have four large generators to provide electricity. The order is one of the prominent features of the Caravan of India Mowkeb, and servants emphasize the order of the programs,” he said on other facilities of the Caravan of India Mowkeb.

“We have a shortage of personnel to serve the pilgrims. Duties are divided among the staff, and currently at least 150 servants serve the pilgrims. But because there are many pilgrims, the personnel number are low. Our personnel come to serve at their own expense. They serve pilgrims for 15 days and nights, and maybe sleep for an hour or two. The Mowkeb pay nothing to them as wage,” he added.

“The director of the Mowkeb is Mr. Muhammad Ali Bedwani, from Mumbai, India. Most of the funds for the Caravan of India Mowkeb are provided by him and donors,” said the servants of the pilgrims of Arbaeen of Imam Hussain (a.s.).

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