In recent weeks, ISIS have been transferred from Iraq to Afghanistan: Velayati

Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati emphasized, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is at the heart of the Resistance Front and works alongside Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iraq.”

In an exclusive interview with Al-Mayadeen TV channel, the adviser of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on international affairs discussed various issues in the region.

In this interview, Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati stated, “The relations between the members of the Resistance Front are very good and it is the West that is not united.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is at the heart of the Resistance Front and works alongside Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iraq,” he added.

Referring to the recent unrest in Iran, Velayati said, “The recent events in Iran were unfortunate. But this should not be an excuse for an armed group to come from abroad and kill the people of Iranian Kurdistan. In recent events in Iran, foreigners are looking for excuses and this was not normal.”

“Washington and Tel Aviv are not strong enough to implement their plots in Iran, and the Iranian people will not allow them to do so,” continued the former foreign minister of Iran.

In another part of his statement, he said, “In recent weeks, ISIS was transferred from Iraq to Afghanistan, to be a tool in the hands of the Americans. Americans want to be in a place where they can loot the wealth of other countries.”

Also, while pointing to the failures of the West in the case of negotiations to return to the JCPOA, he noted, “Europeans used to be independent in their policies and today they are subject to Washington. Westerners believe that the world is unipolar, and America is a superpower.”

Then, regarding the case of negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the member of the Supreme Council of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly emphasized, “We are neighbors with Saudi Arabia, and we should live together, and the embassies should be active in both countries to resolve the discords in a better way.”

Regarding Iraq, Velayati said, “We support our friend and brother country Iraq, and we hope that it will regain its historical role.”

In another part of his speech, while referring to the case of drawing maritime borders between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, he noted, “We support Lebanon and the maritime border lines must be determined, and Israel must leave Lebanese maritime territories.”

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