Martyr Abdul-Ali Mazari was an active person and figure who was trained in seminary: Salehi

Thursday, 09 March 2023

A prominent researcher on Afghanistan issues stated, “Martyr Mazari sought to formulate a constitution for Afghanistan, and for this purpose he presented a written program. He argued that the constitution should have an executive guarantee.”

ABWA Official Website – On Thursday, March 9, 2023, on the 28th anniversary of the martyrdom of Abdul-Ali Mazari, the scientific meeting “The Issue of Afghanistan and its Solution from the Martyr Mazari’s point of view” was held in the conference hall of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly, Qom.  


In this ceremony, Hojat al-Islam Hossein Salehi, one of the Afghan ulama, stated, “Martyr Mazari was an active person and a figure who was trained in the seminary. He did not recognize the power of anyone other than the power of God. He was never a slave to anyone and did not flatter others. God has made that martyr beloved in the hearts of generations in such a way that even new generations are also interested in him.”

“By burying his body, some people wanted to bury his thoughts as well. While a person who relies on God’s everlasting and eternal power, and does righteous deeds, God makes him beloved of hearts. Martyr Mazari was among such people,” he added.

“In his thought, petrifaction had no place. He was very sensitive in spending the Bayt al-mal (public wealth or treasury.) He was also God-fearing and had no ceremonial life. He stood against discrimination from the beginning of his career, and his spirit was mixed with justice and eventually, he was martyred in this way,” Salehi said on the Martyr Mazari’s personality traits.

About the problems of Afghanistan and Martyr Mazari’s solutions for them he said, “Afghanistan is the example of backwardness and destruction among the politicians of other countries. Martyr Mazari believed that Afghanistan's problems are due to monopolization and non-respect for the rights of others. In terms of intellectual schools and ethnicity, Afghanistan is very plural, and there is no decisive majority in the country. Therefore, different schools should have a balanced share in the political and social destiny and all ethnic groups should be present in decision-making. Also, participation in decision-making should be qualitative and not formal.”

“In Afghanistan’s system, the tribe is central, and the people are absolute serves in the country. Martyr Mazari believed that the monopoly system should be confronted. Therefore, he mobilized the people against tyranny and made a pact against monopoly. With thousands of regrets, some politicians broke this pact, and the result was the displacement of Afghan people all over the world,” Hojat al-Islam Salehi added.

About other plans of Martyr Mazari, he said, “He highlighted Afghanistan’s ethnic pluralism in the world and confronted the flawed and inhuman process of the country and gave personality to the deprived ethnic groups. From his point of view, all ethnic groups, even Pashtuns, are deprived in Afghanistan, and among them, Hazaras and women are more deprived. Some had clearly said that we will not allow women and Hazaras to participate in different affairs of the country. Therefore, Martyr Mazari gave personality to Hazaras and highlighted them in the world. He sought participation in political destiny for women, who faced limitations. He appointed a committee for women’s affairs and brought them to the decision-making field.”

On the principle of unity in Mazari’s thought, this prominent researcher stated, “According to Martyr Mazari, national unity is essential for us. To realize this principle, he pursued the unity of Shiite political parties and united them with perseverance and effort. In such a way that the Hazaras were introduced as one of the effective ethnic groups of Afghanistan in the world. According to Martyr Mazari, national unity should not be damaged, because the country will be divided. He also believed that all ethnic groups should participate in determining their destiny.”

“Martyr Mazari highlighted justice in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, the tribal system prevailed and there was systematic discrimination against ethnic groups. Martyr Mazari believed that if social, economic, and political justice is not resolved, Afghanistan will remain in the vortex of crises,” he further added.

Regarding the solution to Afghanistan’s problems, Salehi continued, “Martyr Mazari sought to formulate a constitution for Afghanistan, and for this purpose he presented a written program. He argued that the constitution should have an executive guarantee. On the other hand, he considered the solution of Afghanistan to be holding fair, free, and inclusive elections in which all social groups, even women, can participate.”

“To solve the problem of the centrality of the tribe in Afghanistan, Martyr Mazari proposed a federal system. Because many countries of the world are governed by this system,” he said in the end.

It is worth mentioning that the “The Issue of Afghanistan and its Solution from the Martyr Mazari’s point of view” was held by AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly. Besharat Cultural Organization, and the Scientific-Cultural Assembly of the Afghanistan Justice Movement. /345/

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