Martyrs sacrificed their lives to preserve values of women, Islam: Ayatollah Ramazani

Thursday, 14 September 2023

The Secretary General of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly stated, “Martyrs entered the battlefield with purity and faith and for the honor of the country so that the most important concern of the people and the officials of the society would be establishing justice. The martyrs sacrificed their lives to preserve the women’s values and Islamic values.”

ABWA Official Website – On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, speaking at the memorial of martyr commander Haj Mahmoud Qolipour and 197 martyrs of Operation Karbala-2 in the Martyrs Memorial Garden of Rasht, Ayatollah Reza Ramezani said, “This memorial was held to commemorate the bravery and role model of the martyrs.” 


The Secretary General of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly stated, “Martyrs and martyrdom can create a kind of movement in the society. There are two important positive characteristics, namely dignity and justice for humans, and two important negative characteristics, namely oppression and submission to oppression. The martyrs sought to realize justice and dignity and prevent oppression and submission to oppression.”

“God has given human dignity by nature. Of course, a person can achieve relative dignity by his own will. In liberalism thought, justice and dignity are defined within the limits of sensual humans, and the fact that man must grow is neglected. In the revelation system, man is rational and knowledgeable. In the revelation system, when we talk about dignity, it is related to human education and internal and existential structure, the result of which is self-sacrifice, and if it is realized, a tendency towards righteousness is created,” Ayatollah Ramazani added.

“One of the characteristics of the Islamic government (of Iran) is to maintain the faith of the members of the society so that the society does not deviate,” he continued.

“The Islamic Revolution and the people trained by the late Imam Khomeini (r.a.) were divine miracles. The monotheistic spirit is well manifested in the wills of the martyrs,” said the representative of the people of Gilan in the Assembly of Leadership Experts.

“The nature of man is transcendence and the dignity seeker, which is different from the dignity that is defined in the West. On the battlefield, the martyrs were only thinking of God Almighty. They entered the battlefield so that the most important concern of the people and society officials would be establishing justice,” he mentioned.

“Justice, which was one of the important concerns of the martyrs, should be manifested in all dimensions. The martyrs saw the oppression and looting and entered the battlefield to dismantle such vices. Justice is one of the principles that the martyrs sacrificed their lives for,” Ayatollah Ramazani stated.

“Islamic society is a monotheistic, and dignity and justice seeker society. Whoever adheres more to human principles has more dignity,” added the Secretary General of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly.

“Serving the people in Islamic Iran, under the light of Velayat-e Faqih, is the greatest success that God bestowed. Islamic society is not based on coercion. In Islamic society, one must be completely honest,” Ayatollah Ramezani added.

“In the Islamic government, there is no place for oppression and submission to oppression. Martyrs stood up against these two vices. Submission to oppression is not accepted in Islamic politics,” Ayatollah Ramezani clarified.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has a special position in the world community and plays a very important role in regional developments. The Islamic Revolution has gone through various crises with all the hardships,” he said.

Warning that inside the country some are looking to attack the country, the Secretary General of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly added, “In post-modern colonialism, much emphasis is placed on women and freedom. This is while the martyrs sacrificed their lives to preserve the values of women and Islam. Today, the enemy has targeted the zeal of women in society, and our sanctities, and seeks to desecrate values.”

“The great scientific and military achievements of the country are for creating a new discourse for the Islamic Revolution in the world,” Ayatollah Ramezani emphasized, “The management of system officials in the country must be jihadi (in volunteer manner) and revolutionary.”

“Martyr Qolipour and other martyred commanders were examples of religious zeal and courage, and they should be introduced more to the young generation,” he mentioned.

At the end of his speech, while referring to the Arbaeen Walk, the representative of the people of Gilan in the Assembly of Leadership Experts reminded, “Arbaeen of Imam Hussain (a.s.) was in a complete news boycott. Enemies prevent media coverage of this important event.”


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