ABWA's statement on advent of month of Muharram

Thursday, 28 September 2017
The Ahlulbayt World Assembly has issued a statement on the Advent of the month of Muharram.

The full text of the statement is as follows: 

In the name of God 

You people are well aware that how this tyrant treated us and our followers. I ask you some questions. Acknowledge my words if I'm right; and deny my sayings if I’m wrong. Listen to my words and then go back to yourself and your tribes; and invite those whom you trust to what you are aware of. I'm afraid that this right will be trampled; however, God completes his light, though the unbelievers do not like it! Know that the villain who is the son of another villain (Ibn Ziad) has placed me between two choices: being killed with swords or living with shame and disgrace. Be aware that we will never accept the shame and disgrace! 

(Excerpts from the Sermon of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him) 

We are within the month of Muharram and the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, his household, and companions, peace be upon them. This is the most heartrending tragedy throughout the history of mankind and the greatest reforming movement to fight oppression and corruption. 

Remembrance of Imam Hussein is a heavy responsibility on our shoulders to continue this holy movement and to keep alive its effects within the hearts of people who wish to reform their societies, combat oppression and corruption, and defend the oppressed and the disadvantaged worldwide. 

On this occasion, we are making remarks to those dear ones, who have responsibilities or the role of leadership in societies, to preserve the effects of Imam Hussein’s revolution. 

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly, as a global institution, which has a role of intellectual and cultural authority for millions of Muslims, makes the following recommendations to its members, affiliates, and missionaries: 

1. It is important to highlight the crimes of Zionist regime in occupied Palestine against defenseless Palestinians and Al-Aqsa mosque. It would also be appropriate to point out the American strategy to maintain its hegemony and influence over the region to secure its illegitimate interests, weaken nations, and help dictatorial regimes and terrorist groups. 

2. It is recommended to underline crisis in Muslim countries and to defend Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria as major landmarks of Muslim World. It is also important to disclose the crimes of Saudi regime and other dictatorships in bombing the cities and infrastructures of defenseless countries as well as supporting terrorist groups and fanning the fire of tribal and religious conflicts and destructive wars in the region. 

3. Please be sure to lend a hand to the oppressed and displaced people in Yemen, Myanmar, and Syria by adopting brave stances through statements, and protest rallies and gatherings against tyrannical governments and rulers. Please also embark on providing humanitarian, medical and financial assistance to displaced people of abovementioned countries. 

4. We urge all you dear brothers and sisters to organize meetings and gatherings attended by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars and intellectuals to disclose the crimes of Al Saud and Al Khalifa regimes against the people of ​​al-Awamiya and Bahrain as well as the crimes of Buddhist regime in Myanmar. 

While condemning these brutal crimes, the Ahlulbayt World Assembly invites all Muslim scholars and Islamic and Human Rights organizations to condemn these crimes and criminals and provide humanitarian assistance such as medical items, foodstuffs and money to these innocent people as soon as possible. 

We also appeal to all scholars of the Islamic World to work on strengthening unity among Muslims especially in the current situation of Islamic Ummah, and to take advantage of the opportunity of the month of Muharram to raise awareness among people about the movement of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and to encourage them to take lessons from the event of Karbala revolution to confront oppression and combat the aggressors of our time and the modern ignorance. 

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly asks all preachers and religious poets to safeguard the dignity and sanctity of the pulpits of Imam Hussein (pbuh) by avoiding superstitious or invented concepts about Imam Hussein and his revolution. Instead, we suggest to mention the virtues and merits of Imam Hussein and the philosophy of his movement by referring to the original and reliable resources. We should take the opportunity of Ashura to promote the intellectual and spiritual dimension of the Islamic society. 

At the end, we extend our heartfelt condolences on the occasion of Muharram to all the believers who follow the teachings of Ahlulbayt and to those who love the thoughts of Imam Hussein. 

We hope that all of us can take the values of Imam Hussein’s movement and his school of martyrdom as a role model for ourselves in order to be put into practice in our present and future lives. 

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly 
Muharram 1439 A.H. (September 2017) 

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